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      BOP PRINT PACK in Bengaluru, India was established in the year 2019 by the founders  S Ganesh Kumar and S Karunakaran. With an in-depth experience and extensive understanding of the commercial Offset and Digital Printing for 35 years, the partners were willing to expand their area of expertise into the field of  packaging . Owing to the rising need for Eco-Friendly Packaging, especially in a densely populated city like Bengaluru, a solution was needed and combined with the initiative to cut down the usage of plastic, the founders  based their primary focus on delivering an alternative for the plastic consumption problem. Our FSC™ certification enables us to proudly say we are economically responsible when it comes to our manufacturing process.  

      Due to the imminent need for an alternative to replace the plastic covers, the founders came up with the idea of developing paper bags at a cost which is equivalent to plastic bags . Machinery with high speed and high quality imported from Japan, Germany and China were installed to provide the market with an eco-friendly packaging product.

     The unit is set up with fully automized Kraft Paper Bag making machine with an In-line Handle pasting . The unit also possesses a semi - automatic machine with an offline Handle making and a Conveyor for pasting . The unit is equipped with a high quality and high precision 4-color Flexo machine which can print on paper rolls  up-to 1300 cm.  An In-house high precision slitting machine has been installed to slit the jumbo rolls into custom sizes to increase the capacity of production. In addition to this, 3 paper rope winding and re-winding machines are installed to keep the production of the handles non-stop.

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